Change Multisensor Thing View?

(Mike Coscia) #1

The default thing view is the open/closed status. Can I change it to the accelerator so it shows inactive/active?


@mikecoscia, not with v2.1.0 of the app (actually v2.x). If you can get your hands on v1.7.6, you can do it that way.

(Mike Coscia) #3

Do you mean the phone app?


Yes. If you’re an Android user it will be easier. I have an old tablet laying around just for stuff like this.

(Mike Coscia) #5

Unfortunately I have iOS. Guess I am stuck with it, wonder why they removed the option.

(Tolik) #6

I had the same issue. I wound up using an old android phone with old software as @johnconstantelo suggest. There is also a way to create virtual tIles to show alternate info.

(Bob) #7

If you don’t mind installing your own copy of the device handler, you can simply change the main() entry (just after the tile definitions) to whatever you want.

(Mike Coscia) #8

That would be great, how do I get access to the code so I can copy it and create a new custom device type? I opened up the default multi-sensor device and I don’t see any option to view the code.

(Bob) #9

In the IDE > My Devices, record the “Type” name associated with your device. Then use the Find file button to search for it here:

(Mike Coscia) #10

Thanks that worked great! Now is there a way I can change the main tile when I open up the device? This way the inactive/active tile is the large one on top instead of the open/close?

(Mike Coscia) #11

Never mind, played around a bit and figured it out! Thanks for the help!