Change Multisensor Thing View?

The default thing view is the open/closed status. Can I change it to the accelerator so it shows inactive/active?

@mikecoscia, not with v2.1.0 of the app (actually v2.x). If you can get your hands on v1.7.6, you can do it that way.

Do you mean the phone app?

Yes. If you’re an Android user it will be easier. I have an old tablet laying around just for stuff like this.

Unfortunately I have iOS. Guess I am stuck with it, wonder why they removed the option.

I had the same issue. I wound up using an old android phone with old software as @johnconstantelo suggest. There is also a way to create virtual tIles to show alternate info.

If you don’t mind installing your own copy of the device handler, you can simply change the main() entry (just after the tile definitions) to whatever you want.

That would be great, how do I get access to the code so I can copy it and create a new custom device type? I opened up the default multi-sensor device and I don’t see any option to view the code.

In the IDE > My Devices, record the “Type” name associated with your device. Then use the Find file button to search for it here:

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Thanks that worked great! Now is there a way I can change the main tile when I open up the device? This way the inactive/active tile is the large one on top instead of the open/close?

Never mind, played around a bit and figured it out! Thanks for the help!