Dedicated bathroom light with changeable colour temperature, not just a bulb (UK)

Looking for a dedicated system, any ideas if one exists? Don’t want gu10 or bulb in a fitting etc.


What country are you in? The device selection does vary considerably.

That said, Phillips hue makes a line of fixtures which are available in both the US and the UK and work well via the hue bridge.

They have several models, but the following is specifically rated for bathrooms as it has a water resistance rating of IP 44.

( note that the UK reviews on Amazon include ratings for a couple of other models, including the mirror, which are not as highly rated as the ceiling light. So that brings down the stars. Also, the UK models seem to generally include the battery operated wall switch as well, which the US models don’t, they are sold separately.)

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Or replace the current switch to make it smart

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Thanks for the quick replies. I really wanted blue light in morning, warm at night so a switch won’t help, also the obligatory no neutral as in UK. The hue are very expensive. Looks like I’ll stick to a bulb in a normal socket until IKEA sort it out! Thanks

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only other option is rgb modual in celling and led light strip, you can wire it up to existing switch for basic on off

Aurora AOne range. They do a led tuneable white downlights but if your want RGB they only do GU10.

Thanks, not heard of aurora some, are they smartthings compatible without an some hub? Looking at their wall switch as well?

i got a dimmer last week and it works fine, not had to change the DH or anything, plus no neeutral. the only issue i encounterd was i would sugest you change the bulb when paring, i had 3x3w leds in and it added in smartthing but still flashed like it was paring.
Deleted it from ST put in some 6w leds and it paird fine.

also a bonus is there is a screw so you can tune its minimum dimming level so you dont get led blinking at the lower dimming %'s

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Yeah all there products are apart from the kinetic switches I believe. Everything else works with their standard DH.

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