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Hi all,

Already have a Hue hub so would probably be easiest to get hue but open to other ideas. So, my idea is for the bedroom which currently has 5xGU10 bulbs controlled by standard on off switch.

What I want; wall mounted smart switch to control 5x GU10 smart bulbs, 2x wall mounted smart switches by bed which I can use to change the bulbs from ‘all on’ to ‘two on and dimmed’, then to ‘all off’

Appreciate I could do a lot of this phone my app and with scenes, but my wife prefers the old school idea of having a physical switch so I’d like to combine the old with the new!

After ideas on SmartThings compatible bulbs / switches that could achieve the above?


First things first: what country are you in? :sunglasses:

Although hue bulbs are available in most regions, the switches available do vary considerably.

Good point - UK

Really don’t like the look of the actual Hue Switches, want something more design centric than those

Any suggestions here??

Get some Hue dimmer switches. Each switch can enable up to five different scenes, and each then can be dimmed or brightened to suit. So mix’n’match scenes among your switches to do exactly what you want. Just what I’ve done in my bedroom… They’re even relatively cheap!

Hiya, as above, don’t like the look of the Hue switches, would prefer something with better styling…

The new “friends of Hue” batteryfree switches come in multiple styles in the EU and look much nicer than the Hue dimmer. They work directly with the Hue bridge and can be placed anywhere. Those would be the simplest solution in your case. :sunglasses:

Didn’t know these were available yet! They look much better so, yes, a much better alternative to Hue dimmers.

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Very retro, replying to myself here! It appears the Friends of Hue switches are still a rare beast in the UK, and they seem very expensive! Hue dimmers are available on Amazon for around £17, so a much cheaper option, and they can be removed from their mount and be used like a remote control…

Vimar, Niko, and Busch Jaeger are available. Not sure about Senic yet.

The Vimar tend to cost around £55 But notice that they have two switches in one unit so if the physical placement works for you, that’s essentially the same as the price for two hue dimmers. :sunglasses:

Can’t seem to find which ones are the Hue ones on the Busch site as the link from the Hue site doesn’t work and Busch sell normal ones too so.

The Senic look. I’ve but £59 a switch when I need three is pretty hard going

I didn’t have any trouble finding them on the Busch site. I just searched for “Hue.“ they are listed in the category of “remote controls,“ not “switches.“[action]=list&tx_nlbjproducts_catalog[catKapitel]=138&tx_nlbjproducts_catalog[controller]=CatDokument&cHash=ac1726d35750150a0859e6d7549b715a

Looks like they are about 95 EU for a switch with two paddles, so again that’s the equivalent of two hue dimmer switches if the physical placement works for you.

They do sometimes go on sale. I don’t know much about the following shop except that I have seen some of their videos. So research them before placing any orders.

No question all of these are expensive, though. They are pretty new, so the price might come down in the future.

Sorry, JD, but €98 is around £90. I can buy 5 Hue dimmers for that and still have enough over for couple beers…

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Understood. Hopefully the price will come down eventually. Meanwhile, at least the research exercise may make the Hue dimmers more appealing. :wink:

There is one more alternative, lower cost than the Hue dimmers, but with a very different aesthetic: the ikea Tradfri remote controls. £15 when bought directly from Ikea.

So that might be another option to consider.

Do these work with Hue or would I need ikea lights? Do they have another bridge? ST compatible?

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