Colour GU10 Alternative to Hue

Morning All. Does anyone know of an alternative to using Philips Hue GU10. Id like to put three GU10’s into my bathroom. I would like them to be coloured but can only really find the Hues. Is there a cheaper / better alternative?


Afraid if you want colour and ST integration then your choices are really quite limited, especially if you want them to go bright aswell (there are a couple of dim (3W ish) ones on Amazon that might integrate with ST)…

  • Osram Lightify give you some options, but mainly cold/warm adjustment not colour
  • There are a few WiFi bulbs out there that might integrate with ST, but require somebody to work out the protocol and do the integration (assuming they havent used something completely unsupportable), unless you want to have a go yourself! -
  • Finally you could go for white lights, but then add some RGB LED strip around the room (e.g. under the sink or something like that. That might get you a cheaper alternative though a bit more faff with wiring (luckily it is safe as you would go for a 12V controller (low voltage) such as the H801)

Many thanks @cjcharles I didn’t think there was. I suppose it is just a matter of time. I had considered using something like a Dresden controller and then flush installing colour LED strips in the bathroom ceiling if I cant get GU10 colour smartbulbs. Or I may just install GU10’s and wait until there is either more Hue competitors are on the market or there is a Black Friday type special.

There are some bathroom compatible 12V ceiling bulbs, so you could try swapping all ceiling wiring to 12V and then running it through an H801 (or some other 12V RGBWW controller). That said Im not sure of the legalities of this since bathrooms have so many regulations around them!

Osram lightify , they offer GU10s i had to get those as at the time philips GU10 were too deep. Been using them for two years no major issue other than one failure which got replaced.

I use the milight bulbs and am able to get them working with the Amazon Echo and Smartthings thanks to HA-Bridge, I can’t go into details as my setup is fairly basic, but it does require an always on pc, home server or raspberry pi for it to run. I think it is well worth it though and have found it very reliable.

I am a bit curious as to why it isn’t mentioned very often in the community here as it took me a while to find out that it worked with Smartthings, i was using it with the Echo for a while, but using the motion sensor to turn lights on was much better.

I am suprised too @Andyjd86. However I think it may be that some people are daunted at having toget other pieces of kit together - like a Pi. I would prefer something that either comes with its own hubby or workds straight off ST.


I am using Gledopto lights as alternative they works pretty well. No issues so far.

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@Tomas_Benetis Hi there! I eventually used Hue in my bathroom. However I was an early adopter of the Gledopto Zigbee switches, for LED strip that work with Hue, so I have kept an eye on the company. I saw those GU10’s as low as £16 in the UK which is extremely good considering the IKEA GU10s in my kitchen cost £12 each and they are not colour. I may at some point get the Gledopto’s into the kitchen.