Decent outdoor smart button?

My side gate has a contact switch and motion detector to activate the light when, for example, my son takes out the trash. However, the light is controlled by a smart switch on the inside of the door, which we rarely use (too much crap in the way).

I’d like to get an outdoor-rated switch or button that I could mount and hide - from rain, sun, or trespassers - in the green circle of the fence that would allow me to turn the light on and off, bypassing the motion detectors and timers (in case I need to work for an extended time). Anyone have any experience with something like this?

What’s the temperature range where you live?

Southern California. It’ll get down (maybe) to 46* one night. Temperatures can be high 90’s in summer. This side of the fence faces South, which was another reason (in addition to the rain) why I intended to mount it on the side of the post next to the circle, or under the crossbeam,

OK. I don’t know of anything specifically designed for that environment Except for the button that comes with the aeotec doorbell six, but you can’t use the button by itself, it communicates directly to its base station. You could trigger off of the base station, but it’s probably more money than you want to spend.

Aeotec Button for Doorbell 6

Take a look at this recent discussion, also on doorbells, it should be of interest:

Is there Smart doorbell without a camera

I’m not really sure what temperatures in that range would do to an “indoor” button. You might want to mount it under the 2X4 at the top of the fence. That would hide it from sight by strangers and (mostly) protect it from rain and sunlight. I would try the cheapest one you could find and see how it holds up to the elements. See the diagram.

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Yes, that’s what I was planning to do. I probably wouldn’t use it very often, but on the off-chance that I do, it would be nice.

(Nice diagram, btw. How’d you make that?)

I just used shapes in PowerPoint and did a screen shot. I hope it helps.

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