Exterior-rated smart switch?

I asked a related question but need to hone down to this one specific:

Is there an exterior-rated smart switch that I could use to control an exterior light?

The electrician will not install an interior switch placed in a weather-proof box.

There’s not one that I know of that fits inside a box, just the ones that are dongles like these:

I haven’t seen a 1 gang switch, but use the hidden micro-switches from Aeotec to accomplish what I need. Installs behind switch in box.


Oh yeah, that’s a good option too.

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There is one that is used for pool pumps and water heaters, but it’s extremely expensive and very very large, so I’m not sure it would meet your use case. (It’s also ugly. :disappointed_relieved:) but it does exist.

Beyond that, @anthonyris ‘ suggestion is a good one. You can use any outdoor rated dumb switch and put a micro in the wall behind it. In fact, you can put the micro anywhere on the same circuit branch, so it can even be inside the home if there’s a circuit loop that runs that far. Like if you were also putting a switch inside the house for the same light.

In fact, if you are also putting a switch inside the house for the same light, you can make the Outside switch the auxiliary on a three-way set up and use one of the smart switches inside the house that can work with a dumb accessory switch, like Zooz.

So it does depend on the details. :sunglasses:

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