Outdoor Button Pusher

I’ve already searched and found there’s no shortage of smart button pushers (such as the SwitchBot), but I’m trying to find one that could survive outdoors to turn on a Halloween decoration. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I don’t know of any, but since it’s for short term holiday use, can’t you just put it in a project box? There are lots of those available for outdoor use. Some are specifically for Halloween/Christmas decorations so that you can put the extension cord/device cord connection inside a weatherproof box. So you can usually find lots of them this time of year.

The following is just an an example. You should have lots of choices.

Or you may be able to use the outlet cover style if a button pusher can go on the wall.

Obviously, you have to check the sizes to make sure everything will fit. :sunglasses: but the point is just that you can use these even with battery powered devices: they’re just a weatherproof case for electrical equipment. :cloud_with_snow:

An outdoor switch won’t work? I use several to turn on/off our outdoor fountains - Switch

Unfortunately no. Most of my Halloween decorations are on Smart outlets that turn on and off, the 12-ft home Depot skeleton has to be difficult .They have a button on their back that you have to push to turn on. Even once the power to the outlet is turned back on, the skeleton won’t light up until you go push that button.

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Gotcha. Wow, that is a poor design choice on their part.

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I agree, but I like @JDRoberts idea. I could use the outdoor outlet cover that has the hole in the back and attach that over the skeleton with the button. Pusher. Now I just have to pick which button pusher and make sure it fits in such an enclosure

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Or else you could simply hack the switch, just short it so that it automatically turns on with power. I’m sure the skeleton won’t mind.