Dear Samsung, why?

In browsing the threads here and the app store reviews for the SmartThings app, it is abundantly that the app is not ready for primetime, so why retire the Classic app now?

(Before you suggest that I give the app a try, know that the last time I gave the app a try I lost all Internet on my phone until I uninstalled it, so I’m in no hurry to give it another try now)


Thanks for explaining your situation, but with all due respect, you’re not at parity in my book.

Take my setup as an example. I have a door sensor that, in the old app, was configured to send me an alert if it was left open for too long.
Today was the first day since the migration that the alert triggered. I got the alert via the old app. The new app on two separate devices? Not a peep.
If you were “at parity,” shouldn’t a) the old alerts have been disabled automatically during the migration, and b) the new ones enabled automatically? This isn’t exactly a Rube Goldberg setup by any means, so I highly doubt that I’m in the 0.05% of the user pool that is doing something funky.

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