DCS-8630LH Zigbee integration

Does somebody have try to integrate the D-link DIY Zigbee devices like Camera DCS-8630LH ?

That’s a Wi-Fi camera, not zigbee. Zigbee doesn’t support the bandwidth for video, there aren’t any cameras on that protocol.

It may act as a base station for some zigbee sensors, but that doesn’t give you integration to the camera.

I know for the video but my concern is for movement triggers. It seem those cameras could talk to each other with zigbee but I’m not sure. I’ve programed an automation, with the Dlink app, so if one cam detect movement, it start a recording with an other, etc… Theses communications passed via the web or local via Zigbee. If it is via zigbee, I would like to capture the cam triggers in my smartthing ecosytem.

That would unfortunately not be possible, as the Zigbee protocol that smartthings uses only allows for one coordinator per network. The camera is also acting as a coordinator, so it cannot be added to a smartthings network.

More than that, the motion detection from the camera itself is not a zigbee sensor. It is AI-based analytics, which is pretty common for cameras these days. The cameras are more likely talking to each other with Wi-Fi.

It looks like these devices do work with Alexa. If an Alexa routine recognizes the camera as a motion sensor trigger, then you could use that to trigger a smartthings event. That has been a popular way to get integration with sensors that do not otherwise integrate with smartthings. :sunglasses:

You don’t even need an echo device, just an Amazon account and the free Alexa app.


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Great ideas with amazon assistant automation, Thanks !

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