Day/date app?

Are there any apps (or is it even possible) that would turn a device on/off, but only during a specified date range? I.e. a light turns on or off at a specified time or due to other trigger, but only if it is within a certain date range (like Nov 1 through Mar 31)? I’ve not dug into Core yet, so I don’t know if it is possible using that either. If so, I might need to invest some time learning it…

WebCoRE (CoRE upgrade) is your best bet I think. Fantastic app!


Definitely webcore FTW on this. :sunglasses:

If you just have one or two things that you want to set up, maybe like Christmas lights coming on In December, it is possible to use the Google calendar service/channel on IFTTT to trigger a virtual switch in smartthings and then use that to start a routine or other smartthings – controlled events.

The webcore option will give you many more choices and is much more powerful, but the IFTTT option is worth knowing about. :calendar: