Calendar, plus temp, plus time criteria

I am using smart things to turn on and off my roof melt system. This keeps an open channel for water to run down my gutters in the winter if the snow is melting.
Currently I am just using a time on and a time off to activate a wave outlet. Works OK. I’d like to also tie it into a calendar, so that it only activates between November and April, say. And I’d like to only activate it if the outside temperature is going to be above 20deg F or so.
Any suggestions on how to implement this??

Can you write any kind of programs (java, javascript)? SmartThings has an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that you could do pretty much anything you want with your things. Or you could pay someone to do it for you.

I haven’t seen an app that can already do what you want. There are some that can trigger off of time and days of the week, but not calendar dates with time and temp.

Anyone else have a better answer?


Don’t see why you couldn’t do what you want with IFTTT. Probably with some sort of combination of their weather channel, date and time channel, and/or google calendar channel.