Trigger by specific day of the month

Hello all,
I was hoping to get some help creating an automation that turn on a Sylvania zigbee switch on a specific day of the month. I don’t see this be accomplished using the native Smartthings app. Is there another app, preferably free, that can help accomplish this. Thank

WebCoRE. Search the forum for it. Although it’s demise is probably nearing.

Thank you Eric, apricate the info. I have been looking at WebCore and plan to use. I am curious regarding your statement about the demise of WebCore. Do you see this going away in the near future? I would hate to start using the app and then have no support or functionality. Thanks


The web core is written using a code called groovy. ST is phasing out the use of groovy at the end of this year. Which means web core won’t work anymore.

Thanks Eric. Is there any other option or app that will work with ST and have the same or similar functionality as WebCore? Thanks


Not that I’m aware of

IFTTT and Virtual Switch

Thank you Milan, I had considered IFTTT but was being cheap knowing there is a monthly subscription charge for this feature. Thanks


You can have 3 applets for free

Yes, I have a couple of old applets that I no longer use but don’t see how to delete them. Also, it looks like what I need to create as far as turning on a switch based on specific day of the month requires the IFTTT pro version. Thank you


I am on free account too. If you click on applet, 9n the bottom you have "Archive” button. That’s is actually deleting applet. Than create new one, using Date & Time trigger

Thanks Milan, appears I’m unable to archive two applets that are older and tied to an ecobe thermostat that I no longer have. Thanks