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Hello All!
Been awesome to get quick answers here!
Got a few (hopefully) simple questions.

  1. In the power saving menu, why is Sunday represented with a red “S” while other dats are black?
  2. In power saving mode, how does the device sense a movement and how often?
  3. I used to have one of theses trackers and was always a small flat fee. When I registered I had a 1MB choice for $1.50. Now I get warnings about the data limit at 50% and so on. I don’t always use the tracker, so if I set the location update to “OFF” will this limit data usage?

thank for your time and May the Force be with You.
Edward Sadzewicz - TI-19045

Sorry, I’m confused. :thinking:

What brand/model of device are you talking about?

Routines are the same in regards to S in Red

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In UIs where “Saturday” and “Sunday” are both represented by “S,” some designers do make the Sunday “S” A different color to distinguish it. Red is a bad choice, though, because people who are red/green colorblind will still see the two S’s as almost identical. :thinking:

These days, I think most UIs just make them identical and figure people will be able to understand from the position. Or they use three letter abbreviations.


Yes, bad choice of colors. We don’t change colors or letters for Tuesday and Thursday. I thought at first it was red because it was actually Sunday. Then everyday was sunday! LOL.
Thanks for your time to elaborate,

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I have a Galaxy S10 Plus.

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