Understanding Activity Feed in ST Mobile App

I am trying to understand the various things that get reported in the Activity feed (in ST app, click on hamburger in upper right, notifications, activity feed) One thing that pops up very often is “Home” Sometimes twice in the same minute. Sometimes several minutes apart. I can’t seem to figure it out by looking at the live log in IDE either. Is this something everyone sees? I will mention the name of my hub is Home Hub. I also refer to my Hubs location as Home. I thought about changing the name but I didn’t want to screw anything up. Like all of my settings etc.

I have always wondered as when I run my goodnight routine, it is listed like 8 times and always wondered. But my runs, so I am not going to complain.

I Hear you. Everything is purring along now. I know if I poke enough, I’ll screw something up. I hope to learn what not to do before that happens. I really, really want to change some of the things I have named “Home” and see if that answers my question. Very nervous it will cause a chain reaction of things breaking.
More to your point, I have a virtual momentary switch that activates a goodnight routine. I have the switch show up in SmartTiles on an old Samsung S2 phone by my bed (doubles as my alarm clock and CCTV monitor) I press the virtual switch when Im in bed to turn off everything and make sure the garage door is closed etc. It shows up numerous times in activities feed with just one press. But at least I’m doing something to cause it. This mystery Home has me stumped. If its not showing in yours @salyebr , Im really stumped now.

Do you have a rule or app instance named home?

Those are the devices reporting activity and what initiated the activity.

@bamarayne First, thank you for your service to our country! I have been meaning to say that as I have enjoyed reading your posts in the community and noticed it in your profile.
I have SmartTiles named Home but I also have one named Home Tablet (small and big screen) and Home Tablet is never seen. I have a mode Home, but I know that can’t be it. My hub is called Home and its location is Home. Everything else has another word with the word Home. For example I have a Rule Machine Rule called Home Mode. Could it be something like SharpTools pinging my Hub? Or vise versa?
Do you think anything bad will happen if I edit the name of my hub to something else?

Did this just start happening?

And you’re welcome. It was literally my pleasure.

I have had the hub for exactly 1 month today. I have looked in the activity feed a few times as I learn the system. I do remember seeing Home in there but never gave it much thought till now. I have noticed something though. Looking at today’s activities, Home shows up every 15 minutes and 4 of the times it shows up twice for the same time between 8 and 1:30pm. Then twice at 2:29pm and only once every 15min through now. Everything is working quite well.
Is there anything that polls every 15min like that?

I have the same problem with my Rule Machine built Routines but it did the same with native ST routines.

I think I see 1 instance for every “thing” I turn off as part of the routine.

Have you created a virtual device in the IDE? Anything with “Home” in the name or possibly the device location or device ID?

Have you created a virtual device in the IDE? Anything with “Home” in the name or possibly the device location or device ID?

Ok. Thanks to your question I figured it out. I went through everything that has an activity feed and I came across two that have their events and Home in the feed.
Example of the main perpetrator…

Another one is a virtual momentary switch I have that runs a routine at night. But I figured out the weather is the cause for most of them. I have the weather as a tile on one of my SmartTiles dashboards and SmartTiles runs on a phone in my bedroom 24-7. It’s constantly being updated. And guess what that dashboard is called. Home.
This was a learning experience.
Now I think I will figure out a way to keep this from happening when I’m in away mode. Don’t need SmartTiles updating when no one’s home.

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This is, unfortunately, an issue that we’re aware of. For every device that gets actuated in a routine, you’ll get as many events in your Activity feed. Overall, the Activity Feed needs a lot of work but it might be a little while before we can focus effort on improving it.

Feel free to write in to support! They can tag you to be notified once the Activity Feed has been overhauled.

Thanks Chris. I hadn’t really thought of it as a bug or problem. Just wanting to understand why and what everything is. I will send support a note so I can get tagged for notification though.