Data Usage - Galaxy S10 Plus and Tracker SM-V1110V

I’m trying understand the data usage. I signed up for the 1MB plan for $1.50 for both my trackers. I have been characterizing them regarding how often they report and using the power saving mode.
I am guessing if my location updates are longer between, then less data is used.
If I leave location update OFF, I also figure that I should use much less data.
Of course, I am not counting pressing the button twice for manual location reports.
In brief, one of my uses for these devices are to track hot air balloons when we chase. Gives great street details, so I would only enable live tracking or have balloon pilot press the button twice to help get landing locations mapped.
Also, would there be a difference if Location updates are off with or without power saving mode?
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I’d be happy to provide you with some additional information on your tracker.
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When power saving mode is activated it pauses location updates when your SmartThings Tracker stays in one location when it does not sense motion, and is not used for approximately 30 minutes saving data.

You can also create a schedule for Power saving mode, and select your desired days. To schedule it for a specific time, tap Time, and then set the START and END time. Tap DONE to save.

Note about the Tracker: The tracker cannot enter Power saving mode if it has a low battery.

This is different from location checking in power-saving mode on your S10+ device, you can read more about your S10+ power saving mode here: Use Power saving mode on your Galaxy phone

Note: Devices with One UI 2.5 or lower will have different power saving options, such as Optimized, Medium power saving, and Maximum power saving. To find these options, open Settings, tap Device care, tap Battery, and then tap Power mode to review your applicable options.

For any additional questions regarding your data plan, please reach out to Samsung directly at 1-800-726-7864.

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