SmartTiles dashboard: How to add adjustable thermostat, custom DH

Hi guys,

I just managed to hook up my Danfoss LC-13 Radiator thermostats to my ST. However I dont how how to add them to SmartTiles. Help please.


What DTH are you using? If it contains Capability Thermostat, then it will be selectable in the SmartApp pages for the SmartTiles dashboard under Thermostats…

After that, it just matters whether or not it has implemented the mandatory Commands and Attributes for Thermostat!

I am using this one:

Looks like you should have no problem adding it as a Heating or Cooling Thermostat…

… but SmartTiles may not support these “ad hoc” declared Commands and Attributes. Not sure why there are so many.

        command "setCoolingSetpoint"
        command "off"
        command "heat"
        command "emergencyHeat"
        command "cool"
        command "setThermostatMode"
        command "fanOn"
        command "fanAuto"
        command "fanCirculate"
        command "setThermostatFanMode"
        command "auto"
        attribute "temperature", "string"
        attribute "heatingSetpoint", "string"
        attribute "coolingSetpoint", "string"
        attribute "thermostatSetpoint", "string"
        attribute "thermostatMode", "string"
        attribute "thermostatFanMode", "string"
        attribute "thermostatOperatingState", "string"

I am looking under the Dashboard, clicking on things. I have the categories “Heating Thermostats” and “Cooling thermostats” under both of them there is the text: “There are no devices of this capability”. I dont have a category called just “Thermostats”

Well I am compete newbie when it comes to Smartthings so I am not sure what the issue is…I mean why would it be a problem…the amount of attributes?

All we require is capability "Thermostat".

Can you check in your IDE/My Devices (for the correct Location), and drill into the Device Instance?

It works for me…

In use by is empty since its not visible to choose in the smarttiles app, like I said in the previous reply.

Its the correct location since I only have one and I have no problems controlling it using the smartthings app itself

Well that’s pretty inexplicable!

Please email me: so we can figure out how to do some further research.

Maybe if we screen share I’ll see something that I can’t see here; or we can try to engage SmartThings Support. I’m on Android and have not updated to the “latest App” (I’m always a release or 2 or 3 behind – on purpose!!!), … could be a SmartThings App bug – wouldn’t be the first time something like this happens.

Meanwhile: If you wish, you can try to create a “fresh” dashboard in one of the additional slots (there are 5) … or, more drastic, uninstall and reinstall SmartTiles.

Emailing you in a min. I just uninstalled and reinstalled. Same thing. Still doesnt show up in smarttiles

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I have the same situation? any news?

@bjensen has the Answer… I’m hoping he can “pay it forward” and share with you the details. :wink:

Quick Answer: Be sure your Device is using the right DTH. There is a “published” DTH in the Type Drop-down list which is incorrect. Use your personal DTH which appears at the end section of the drop down.

Hi All,
I faced the same problem and I solved with a different APP. Read my post here:

And is having also the option to stop the valve when a window is opened.