Danfoss Ally Zigbee TRV - testing, with limited experience

Hi all! While trying to find a TRV to use/control through Smartthings I found in the app the Danfoss Ally Option. I prefer Zigbee as I have lots of bulbs and power switches and with a little research I thought this could work fully as “out-of-the-box”. Luckily Danfoss were kind enough to provide me with one for testing purposes and I could do the following:

  • Connect-it through app (scanning code failed, connect it through pairing procedure - reset, pairing mode, connection)
  • I can see the live status of the Thermostat,
  • I can even see it in the Google Home app, and it appears I have control of the temperature, having as visible the cursor.
  • I have no real control whatsoever, changing the setpoints in the Smartthings app or in Google Home app producing zero effect on the actuator of the thermostat.
    It appears that the connection is only providing informative effect with no control capabilities. Any suggestions on how to improve this toward a better control (or, so to say, a real one :slight_smile:)
    Thank you!

I’m also looking for a solution for a TRV.

Hi! I should have updated the above: As stated, I could not “hot test” the TRV’s, as I could not install them on my radiators due to missing of Hertz adapter in the package. Lately I bought Tado TRV’s and fully installed. I noticed that these are having a calibration moment when they are fully mounted. I could not do this, therefore it seems that the TRV were ok, only some limits related to mounting. On a software perspective, I think these are ok. The price seemed also good.

Hello, any more info on Danfoss Ally? I was considering it assuming it works with Smartthings hub natively which doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m wandering what kind of controls are available through smartthings app? Thanks.

Hi! You see my picture where yo can get Temperature info, Heat setpoint and battery level. As said, I couldn’t fully make it work due to missing mounting adapter. But the connection worked flawless, right out of the box. So I presume it is fully working, if you can install it on your radiators. To me these controls should be sufficient.

Well I kind of need more than basic control like pairing them in rooms, being able to offset temperature as my thermostats are located in the bottom close to the flow where actual ambiant temperature reading is lower than normal. I also wander if I’ll pair them with Smartthings hub will I be able to connect using Danfoss ally app. Also Danfoss website says that they officially do not support smartthings.

You can pair Ally TRV directly to ST hub. Ally TRV work natively with ST hub using default zigbee thermostat dth. You can’t connect Ally hub to ST, so you can’t control Ally TRV with ST if those are paired to Ally hub. If you connect TRV to ST and use webcore, almoust anything is possible.

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Hi, how fast does the trv reacts to temperature offset change in the smartthings app?

Danfoss LC13 (zwave) trvs are sleepy devices and doesn’t react immediately to offset change in the app.

How does it work for the ally version? Is it also sleepy device?

Are there any parameters/settings which can be configured out of the smartthings app? Wake up interval or anything else?