Danfoss Ally TRV is detected as "Zigbee Thing"

I bought 3 Danfoss Ally TRV in 2022 which worked perfectly and survived the change away from groovy with my smarthub.
Now I bought another one which only connects as “Zigbee Thing”. The old ones are using the “Zigbee Thermostat” driver but I cannot change to this for the new one due to not matching fingerprint.

Anything I could do?

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Hi Andreas, I now have exactly the same problem, did you find a solution?

Hi @pedersens @zene

A couple of days ago I added this device at the request of another user and it works well, according to what he told me

 Name         Zigbee Thermostat Mc
 Version      2023-10-18T13:19:29.980004577        
- id: "Danfoss/eTRV0103"
    deviceLabel: Danfoss Thermostat
    manufacturer: Danfoss
    model: eTRV0103
    deviceProfileName: thermostat-popp-danfoss

Thanks Mariano

This looks like it would work, but I do not seem to be able to find the driver (I am not much of an expert).

In the IDE I only get the choice of ‘Zigbee Thermostat’ in the pull down menu, it results in error ‘Error changing device driver to “Zigbee Thermostat”. Ensure that the driver you are trying to change to has a valid fingerprint match with this device.’

I have subscribed to the beta drivers channel, but do not see ’ Zigbee Thermostat Mc ’ there either

Can you help me how to get access to and the driver assigned to the device - thanks for your help


Hi @pedersens

This is the link to my shared Channel



Thank you!

You made me feel a lot better about having bought 10 Danfoss thermostats :slight_smile:
I have updated driver for all my newly installed thermostats and it appears to work, I can set and read temperatures as well as getting battery state. I will let you know if I find any issues.


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Hej Claus. Er ny i det. Hvordan installerede du d n driver ?

Hej Karsten

Ja, jeg “subscribed to” https://api.smartthings.com/invitation-web/accept?id=6b68563b-1905-4654-8d2b-e677a2997424

Naar du har gjordt det can du installere alle Marino’s drivers derfra, inkluderet ’ Zigbee Thermostat Mc’

Den virker fint til at saette temeperatur, men ikke saa godt til at laese…


had the issue too, old thermostats was working fine but new ones did not, after installing the driver from Mariano the new ones works, thanks Mariano

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