Danalock v3 Z-Wave with Edge

Anyone using Danalock v3 lock z-wave edition with Edge driver?

Looking to buy one but want to gather usage info from community. Tnx

I have one currently paired to my Aeotec V3 hub, works like a charm.

Do not get the Zigbee version! That thing almost drove me insane for a couple of months, kept going offline after 10 min to 12h after connecting.

working for 2 years on the default ZWave-lock driver.
The only thing I missing is calibration, my lock tends to get into an “unknown” state every half of a year or so. It’s easy to fix via Bluetooth running calibration, but this feature is available only from the main account in the Danalock application.

Once I’ve been on a business trip for a couple of weeks, and as you might understand, the lock lived its own life executing routines with the wrong status. nobody else could fix it as the Danalock application is :poop:.

That’s unfortunate, the only time my calibration gets thrown out of whack is if I use the key to unlock from the outside.

Do you have Twist Assist enabled?

my wife uses old fashion keys all the time. So it’s kind of accumulation error.

I don’t use twist assist, my lock is one turn, and Danalock is not that sensitive to make this feature useful.

@Pierre_Wallstrom @veonua
Thanks for positive info :love_you_gesture:
Will buy one Z-wave variant for 182eur at Amazon.de these days :face_with_peeking_eye:

I still haven’t decided about Danalock V3 Z-wave lock.

Anyone from Smarrthings community tried both:

  • Danalock V3 Z-wave
  • Yale Linus
    and knows which one is better? :slight_smile: