Danalock V3 with brigde

Hey so I know, this has been raised before but I wasn’t sure if it’s cover my model, if it does please let me know.

So I’ve just bought:

  • 2 X Danalock V3 locks
  • 1 X Danalock brigde
  • 1 X Danalock keypad.

I’ve managed to get locks and keypad to work together (I think, not sure if the keypad is working together, but it does unlock the locks).

What I want to do:

My main reason to setup the Danalock is to be able for the delivery driver to enter my store and deliver packages when we are not here.

I wish the delivery personal to be able to enter a code on the keypad, where after the door will unlock, and lock after job is completed, with an automatic locking after 4 minutes for extra layer of security, if the delivery personal should forget to lock the door.

I also with for the door to automatically unlock when we are in the store.

For this I believe that SmartThings will probably be the best way to do this…

The issue:

My issue is now that when I go to the SmartThings App only the lock is showing up, and when I try to access it, I get a message that I need a hub and error code: 34-000

Do I need to buy an additional hub, like the Samsung SmartThings dongle for this to work, or is there another fix?

Danalock V3 is a Zigbee device requiring a ST hub to manage it. The ST dongle is meant to be used with some Samsung TV’s and refrigerators, not standalone. Your best bet is an Aeotec hub, the ST Station, or the ST v3 hub.

WRT re-locking the door, without a contact sensor to know whether the door is closed or not, you run the risk of locking the lock with the door open (unless you have some auto-closer on the door that is very reliable).

It’s pretty complicated, so be patient with me.

The Danalock V3 comes in four different “variants”:
A) Zwave and Bluetooth
B) Zigbee and Bluetooth
C) Bluetooth only
D) HomeKit-compatible

A. Zwave Variant

I know the Z wave model can work with an Aeotec/SmartThings hub.


It will not work with the smartthings station, because that hub does not have zwave.

B. Zigbee variant

The Zigbee model used to work with an aeotec/smartthings hub. I’m not sure if there’s an edge driver for it yet.

C. Bluetooth-only variant

The Bluetooth only model does not work with smartthings.

D. HomeKit-compatible Variant

The HomeKit – compatible model does not work with smartthings.

The Danabridge

The Danabridge is an add-on WiFi device that lets the Danalock app communicate with the lock. This device is not compatible with smartthings.


So… if you want to use a Danalock with smartthings, you have to get either the Z wave or the Zigbee variant and you will probably not be using the danabridge. Definitely the Danabridge will not show up in the smartthings app.

I’m not sure about using a smartthings dongle, normally those only plug into either a Samsung smart television, or the Samsung family hub refrigerator. Do you have one of those in the store? If not, the standalone Aeotec hub will be needed instead of the dongle.

All of that said… Are you sure you need smartthings at all for this? You can’t do it just with the Danalock and keypad itself?

Anyway, the first step is to figure out exactly which variant of the lock you got.