Danalock & Smartthings -- Success!

I’ve now got a Danalock working with SmartThings!

I bought a Danalock about a year ago and didn’t have much luck with the android app. Whether it was the Danalock, my phone’s bluetooth, or the app, I can’t say. At some point (I don’t remember when) someone added a Danalock device type to SmartThings. It didn’t seem to work well either (e.g. the tile didn’t correctly show whether the door was locked or unlocked). So I gave up and waited for my August Smart Lock to arrive.

After my August Smart Lock arrived a couple of weeks ago I discovered that the android app was lagging behind the Apple app (& realized some of its limitations & didn’t feel like waiting another four months for Hub v.2), I decided to try again with the Danalock. I had problems syncing the lock with their newish app. I emailed Poly-Control and they told me that so many things had changed in a year that they’d send me a new printed circuit board (free & free shipping) if I returned the old one at my expense. I did and they did.

So, I installed the Danalock and the new app and configured the lock. However, I was still having problems getting the Danalock to open in a timely way as I approached the door. And, since I live in the country, I really didn’t want my door locked all the time, which is the only way of having the Danalock app lock the door.

I uninstalled (actually, my phone is rooted, so I really just froze it) the Danalock app and set up Smartthings to unlock the door when I arrived in the area (using geofencing) and then to lock the door (and send me a push notification just to be sure) when I leave the area. Seems to be working perfectly!!


Hi Do you know what version Danalock you are using?

Hi, I’ve to DANALOCK V3 /Poland GERDALOCK V3 and working properly only with apk DANALOCK. With apk GERDALOCK work wery bad and didn’t work with a smartthings samsung.