Danalock V3 EU + ST Hub 2 + New App = useless?

I know there are a lot of posts about ST & Danalock already… But seriously with that new app that is anything else but an improvement for me so far, I get confused:

So, I got myself a brand new Danalock V3 EU, installed it, put it into inclusion and added it to the ST Hub. I did that twice while at the first time it was recognized as a “Z-Wave Lock with Codes”, the second time it remained a “generic zwave device”-something.
However it remains useless even if I manually adjust the device type, as within the new app I cannot lock/unlock or even receive the battery status.

any ideas?

Couple of things:

  1. From your screenshot I can see that your lock isn’t pairing properly with the hub, you’re having interference or mesh issues. Check your batteries, reboot the hub and pair it within 2ft of the hub
  2. You may want to use this device handler for your Danalock V3, it’s has specific support for the V3. Also check out the supported features for your lock in the table on this topic:

@vitruvo I can’t say for certain this applies to you but when I migrated to the new Smartthings app which they made a compulsory move it said that the new app does not yet support smart locks in the UK. I would tend to suspect this applies to the whole of Europe as well.

So based on this I don’t think it is you, the lock or the hub but the still incomplete new app. I find it appalling that they have forced people to stop using a working solution for a still incomplete replacement.

Hey everybody,

thanks for the support - really great to have a community with the willingness to help and so many experts! yay!
To clear things up:
My lock indeed didn’t pair right with my hub v2: it skipped the part where I have to enter the DSK-Code because at first try it wasn’t recognized as a lock.
I reset, I repaired, entered the code, and it went! also updated to the Danalock device-type like @RBoy recommended.
So much for EU compatibility - seems to work fine. Just the guest access smart app doesn’t seem to be available within EU markets - might dig into @RBoy Apps to fix that. :wink:
Thanks everyone!

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Hello @vitruvo ,
I curious to where you found such a DSK code? Also when I try to pair I’m asked for a pin or QR code. I cannot find it anywhere on the product (checked backside and batt. compartment) or the box it came in.

Do you know if the code might resemble some part of the serial number? Because this I can read from the Danalock app.

Thanks for any hints.

Thanks for sharing such a great information. Keep suggesting post like this. Looking for the same info.


Updating on my own situation. I got in contact with Danalock which sent me the code on email. Thank goodness they are not out of business, or else my door lock would have been rendered quite useless.

Can you put up the code please?

Isn’t the code unique for each device? Thought it was a safety measure for the inclusion of safe Z-Wave devices.

Yeah I realised that, sorry it is what they have printed inside of the battery cover to uniquely distinguish the z wave lock

Anyone still using this lock successfully?

Anyone find it drops offline all the time, forgets codes, needs keys refreshing all the time?

Ive had 3x zigbee and 2 zwave and all have had massive issues. Im giving up now but found this forum. What is going wrong!!!
This lock drops off smartthings every day. As soon as its re added it will drop within hours.

Hub is a few feet away. I also have plugs acting as repeaters near by.
Firmware of hub and lock are up to date.

@RBoy you mention your app improves the lock over the generic device handler. Will it work with Zigbee?

I have spoken to ST and to Ultion - who have been trying to sort it. Could it be something so simple?

Thank you in advance if you can offer any help

Mine works, ok with bluetooth. Smartthings though is fine for a few days then drops off. I have to pull the batteries and it’s ok.for a few more days.

Mine works fine all the time - doesnt drop off, hub is about 3m away from the door, but on the upstairs floor.

I recall it was a bit of faff getting it set up first time and I had to factory reset and update firmware etc, but its been trouble free for 2 yrs now.

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