Danalock installed

I have the Z-Wave and Bluetooth danalock square installed and working. It works as a basic lock when selected as a zwave lock device. But I get no feedback for the actual lock position. Unfortunately if you manually operate the lock this is not recognized by the electronic portion of the lock.
Do other zwave locks accurately monitor the lock position?

My Touch pad Schlage lock monitors the lock position. Pretty quickly I might add.

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So does my Schlage. It will even tell you which code someone used to get in.

My Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt does not report the lock position reliably. It does so, when the lock is being physically operated (code, cylinder, key), but as soon as you touch the SmartThings app to send lock or unlock commands, it will just stop updating and responding to commands at some point. It’s quite a mess, actually.

Quick note - we have spoken with Danalock (at CES) and plan a more complete integration at some point. They are sending us some locks soon so we can check them out.

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Glad to see someone installed the danalock. Me and my locksmith gave up after over an hour. We can install it simple enough, but it doesn’t retract or detract all the way. Waste of money, at least for me.

@alucard76 Hopefully you tried the danalock settings. You can change the degrees of rotation for lock/unlock. I have mine at 130 degrees to fully operate the lock.

av8rdude how?

@alucard76 You have to use the danalock app and swipe right to get the settings of the lock.

Thanks a lot. Got it now. Once last question, how do I grant access to people or make ekeys or whatever?

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the Danalock…
Not for me!
No instructions
Not very good customer service
Can’t get it to work properly, even after I was shown how to adjust the settings
Now I’m denied permission to add the lock on the app, even after I gave myself all proper permissions.
I’m done Dana
Getting the Kevo, and eventually, probably getting the Goji

Although I’ve paired the ST hub with the lock I can’t make it do anything. For those of you you’ve been successful, did you do anything other than changing the Device Type to Z-Wave lock?

(Until Danalock recently updated their app I was unable to control the lock with my phone, now I can – so that’s something, at least…)

I installed the Danalock about 2 weeks ago and so far it’s working well. I haven’t put it on my main entry door. I wanted to wait until the keypad comes out before that. I’ve used Tasker to create a widget that I can press when I get home to unlock the door from the garage. I’ve even got NFC setup through Tasker. Installation was straight forward. It took about 10 minutes to get it up and running. I got the round version not the square. I’m impressed with the quality. The Android app was terrible until the last update. Now I can unlock by BT or Zwave.

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For those of you that successfully got the Danalock to work did you do so with the z-wave only version? I have it connected but am having similar issues with the length of time the motor runs being too low as well as having the states reversed (it says locked when it is not and I have to say unlock to lock etc). I see there are some variable parameters to fix this but don’t know how to do this through IDE or device types etc. Any pointers?

If you have bluetooth working go into the app on your phone. Go to where you see the lock and unlock. Slide left on the screen between the icons. This will take you to the settings screen where you can adjust direction of lock and distance it comes out.

I got the z-wave only version thinking this is probably not going to be my long term solution for my front door and my back door does not really need BT.

@acastal - Mine is both BT and ZW. Mine shows correctly on the ST app. I would contact Danalock support. I contacted them about some issues with the first Android app and they were very responsive.

I think if my handle was on the left instead of right side I would be fine (except for the deadbolt not opening/closing far enough). It makes sense that it will be locked or unlocked depending on which side of the door it’s on. I just need to figure out how to pass parameter 0 a value of 1. I guess that means learning IDE better. Same with parameter 1 and 2 for the length of time it unlocks and locks.

I have my lock setup as a generic Z-Wave lock. It does not correctly pass the lock state if you manually open or close the lock.
Do you guys have a different device type? Or customize the device?
The danalock app doesn’t even properly report the lock state on android unless you drill into the app.

@av8rdude I have the same issue with reporting manual locks. Pressing the button works but not if you turn the dial or use the key on the outside.