“Things quiet down” automation?

I vaguely remember some type of built-in function where I could say that after all of my motion sensors are motionless for 15 minutes then do stuff.

What I am trying to do is if all of my motion sensors have no motion for 15 minutes, set my house to night mode. Any ideas? I used to be able to do this in webCoRE.

SharpTools Rules Engine perhaps?

Create a routine with the “when all conditions are met” set
IF mode eq Day as precondition
If motion1 eq no motion for 15 minutes
If motion2 eq no motion for 15 minutes
If motion3 eq no motion for 15 minutes
Set mode Night

I think that would work…


Below is an example using location modes. You could also use virtual switches to track state vs using location modes. I do that for “Nighttime” so that the virtual switch is on at 10 pm and off at sunrise, so On is night and off is day.

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These would work, however I should have been more clear in the first post. I don’t want this to happen before 11pm.

I want it to happen only if selected motion sensors all exhibit no motion for 15 minutes at or after 11pm.

You could add a precondition in the if statement that it happens between 11 PM and 7 AM (or what ever time you want)


Bingo. Will try this tonight!

You could use the @Paul_Oliver method for a specific and explicit time period. You could also use the virtual switch method where the virtual switch defines a state based on relative time like 10 pm to Sunrise. Here is an example of how I use them.

I don’t believe you can have a condition of “on or after 11 pm” in a routine since it would be ambiguous when it’s not after 11 pm. Sharptools might give you more options but won’t run locally.

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I’m using a virtual switch method. I’ve used two different methods.

One method using a Smart Lighting routine with a standard virtual switch that when any motion happens, it turns the virtual switch On with auto-turn Off after 15 minutes. I’ve not tried this method with the new non-Groovy Smart Lighting app though, but the Groovy Smart Lighting app kept the virtual switch On when there was continued motion from any of the motion sensors.

And another method using Automations when they advised that Smart Lighting was going to be removed. However, the Automation using the same setup didn’t have the same effect since the virtual switch would turn Off 15 minutes after the first motion regardless of any continued motion on any of the motion sensors. So, I ended up using @TAustin’s Virtual Motion device since it can be setup to Restore to Inactive (Off) after 900 seconds. So any motion from any of the motion sensors will keep the virtual motion device active (On) until there is no motion from any of the motion sensors for 15 minutes, at which point the virtual motion device Returns to Inactive (Off).

Then regardless of either method, I have an Armed Stay Automation that has various pre-conditions with the a specific time of day limitation that uses the virtual switch turning Off as the trigger so that whenever the virtual switch turns Off between the set time pre-condition, it fires the Armed Stay Automation.

I like using the virtual switch method since it can re-arm the system during the set time period no matter what happens. Say I just need to take out the trash after Sunset, once there’s no motion for 15 minutes after coming back inside, then the virtual switch turns Off, and the Armed Stay Automation re-fires.



For some reason, this did not work last night. But if I have it at a set time, it does work. Just not for period of time.

I am not sure what is wrong but you have a lot of conditions. Do you really need the location mode precondition?