Security Camera with Smart Things Hub Help Needed

I need some advice on which cameras can connect to my Smart Things Hub. I have a Version 1 Hub but am getting ready to upgrade to Version 2.
Do any of the Cameras have Pan and Tilt that is also controllable through my Smart Things App?

Thanks for any help.

I like Dlink… here is the compatible device list. I specifically like the pan / tilt as One camera covers my entire great room.

Are these Cameras all Z-Wave Devices that get added just like my other Z-Wave Devices?
Thanks again for the help.

They’re most likely WiFi or at best, wired Ethernet cameras.

NOTE: Just because it says that a ‘pan & tilt’ camera is supported overall, doesn’t mean that the pan & tilt functions OF that specific camera are supported at this time.

I’d wait for someone who has one of those cams to chime in and say if it is or not.