Customize Smart Home Monitor Security Alarm with early warning alert?

I’m using Smart Home Monitor for a security system. I would like to set it up so that a more quiet alarm goes off for about 30 seconds before the loud siren alarm. I don’t see a way to do this in the app. There there a way to have a custom alarm fire about 30 seconds before an “Alert with sirens” alarm?

You can use a simulated sensor for SHM and use webCoRE to cook your own rules to when the simulated sensor opens and close.

For example:


If any of motions are active
or any of contacts are open

Then using Siren
Sound at X decibles
Wait 30 Seconds

Then using simulated sensor

If SHM is disarmed
Then using simulates sensor

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It does not work with native Smartthings but…

…there is an app for that :slight_smile:

[Release] Smart Home Monitor Exit and Entry Delays

Sweet! Thanks