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There were plenty of problems before then, actually, but this is a great case study of how a sincere attempt to make things better (with hundreds or even thousands of pent-up Customer demands…), unfortunately made the situation much worse. Execution flaw, or was it a hopeless situation to be begin with?

This theory is bouncing around. I’m beginning to think it has validity. If true, then it’s a really poor joke on the hardworking folks at SmartThings.

I’m not holding my breath … but I don’t hesitate to direct folks to contribute to the Topic that I opened a while back on this. The lack of negative press for SmartThings is either easy to explain or inexplicable, depending on your view of the state of gadget journalism, I guess…

I really encourage folks to try to keep the following Topic alive:

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Well… that’s actually excellent Customer Service. Give “Charlie” a raise.

I’m not being sarcastic. Good job, Nikita in insisting on a full refund.

Meanwhile… Unfortunately, I doubt Wink will be much better “overall”, but it might fit your particular needs.


At least Wink has customer support phone number. Looking at comments in app store - it works (phone number)!

"SmartThings looks like the better fit for more tech-minded users.

Wink, on the other hand, clearly seems to be geared more towards mainstream smart home novices." - from CNET.

I just dont have time to figure out how dismiss alarms without documentation. I couldnt find link on smartthings documentation for removing alarms. And this{}/dismissIncident?name=Security didnt work unfortunately.

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I changed everything over to rule machine , now everything works I haven’t had one problem yet :slight_smile: hopefully it will stay that way. When I was using the Smartthings apps it worked only 50% of the time.

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Slightly off Topic, but personally I prefer email that way I can include all the details of the problem and trace the responses in case I need to escalate.

Netflix went in the opposite direction and has zero email and chat support options (though they do follow Twitter…). I lost my entire queue and ratings history because I suspended my account for just under 10 months (based on the end of the payment period… long story), but a phone call only confirmed they could or would not fix it. There’s no way to escalate.

In the case of most vendors, I much prefer email over phone support – unless, of course, email takes longer than 24 hours for a response to a “normal” or higher priority issue.

I would be a little hesitant on Wink. I was about to switch over but they just filed for Bankruptcy and may not be around much longer.

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I do like email as well, I sent emails twice already and got nothing. Two tickets.

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Did you get the automated response? If not, you may have spam issues.

If samsung wouldnt purchase smartthings they would’ve probably file as well.

Flextronics picked up Wink hub, they are original manufacturer.

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Got a reply today from smartthings and solution was really simple.

Dismiss intrusion alerts:.

  1. Tap the menu icon in the top right
  2. Tap Setup for Android; Tap Configure for iOS
  3. Tap Security
  4. Tap Next twice
  5. Scroll down and tap Remove
  6. Confirm the removal

I was always removing the alerts by tapping on the line for “Security” at the right where there is normally an “OK” and a green dot. Then you can see the details of the alert and clear it. This is on iOS. Same for Leaks, too. Wouldn’t your steps remove the entire setup? OK, perhaps that was your point and I missed it.

The only issue I’ve been having with the security alarms have been the cats setting off a couple of motion sensors and that is my fault - need to get animal friendly ones. Well, there was the one time I thought it would be a good idea to place a moisture sensor by the fridge - turns out it was also by the dishwasher and a bit dripped out unloading/loading, too…

My problem was when one day forgot to set from Away to Home. So alerts accumulated and I couldnt remove them. Tapping one by one didnt work, it worked somewhat on iOS but not on Android. I was able to set from Home to Away but no notifications. I tried using api but didnt work either, it just gave me some yippieid yap.

Yes, removing that module will remove all settings, not entire setup, just that modules setup.

You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the dismiss button

I did and it didnt work. I cleared cached. I reinstalled app. Nothing helped until I removed that module.