Sonos play welcome home

I am trying to set up Sonos to play a welcome home message when I come home and when my wife comes home. I have it set

play message when
contact opens
System Changes Mode

But it seems to play anytime I open the door. I only want it to play when I come home.

You would have to set it to use a presence sensor instead of contact opens. I don’t have a Sonos, but I am guessing that it will sound as soon as the presence sensor is in the vicinity of your home (that gps “circle” that you set up for your location).

But that would make it say welcome home as I am pulling down the street. I would like it to say it as I am coming into the house.

Some of the Sonos apps have an “Only once per day” setting. It sounds like that’s what you need. I’m not sure which app you’re using, but the “weather report” app, for example, has that under “More options” on the last menu page.

Tonight might not the be best time to test it, however; the system seems rather slow.

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Nick -

Try this modified version of the Notify with Sonos App. It REQUIRES the selected presence before any other trigger will run. So, create a SmartApp for you to say “X”, and another for your wife to say “Y”.


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Thanks. I will give it a try.