Alternating Messages (Open/Close)

I am using my Sonos to announce a custom message when I come home, using a door/window sensor. Is there a way that on the next open/close I can play a different message? Or is there another way to accomplish what I am trying to do here.

When I come home: Play a custom welcome home message
When I leave: Play a custom message telling me not to forget my keys

As of right now when I come or go, I receive the welcome message !

There are lots of apps that will let you play a message on both open and on close. The problem with that is that one will try to ‘overwrite’ the other if they are too close (i.e. The open message will be immediately followed with the close message unless you wait for the open message to finish before closing the door)
The main problem you have is for the app to know if you are inside the house or even if you are leaving… what happens if you answer the door to the pizza guy? Will you welcome him home too :slight_smile:
I think @JDRoberts has a system where he puts his hat on before leaving so his home knows he is leaving (achieved but putting his hat over a motion sensor I believe)
Unless there is something that you do before leaving (which you can make ST respond to or at least register) then I think whatever app you use will not work for you.
You could setup a system to press a button before you leave but if you forget your keys then would you remember to press the button? :slight_smile:

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It’s possible, there are many indirect way, such as use your home sensors to determine if the home is pre-occupied, you can set condition like this with CoRE:

if in the past hour, no movement in the house and door opened, play welcome msg.

But If there’re movement in the part hour and door opened, play reminder msg.

Alternatively, it can be time based, if you consistently come home or leave home at certain timing, then control with that.

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Yep, as @cobra mentioned, at our house I use a dual device protocol so that the house knows whether I’m coming or going:

An as @csc mentioned there are lots of ways to do something similar as long as you can identify a specific condition that occurs every time you are on your way out versus on your way in.

Once you have identified such a condition, these days it’s much easier to set up the sequence test then the way I did it: you can just use webcore.

But it still requires identifying a sequence that will always work for you so you can set up a rule based on it. :sunglasses: