Custom Graphics for UI

(Spie Inc) #1

Hey community,

  New to the community, have done some searching but i havent found an answer to this question. i am not much of a developer, i am more like a tinkerer. i wanted to know if it was possible to not have to write a UI from the ground up and just change some of the images on the app itself I.E backgrounds, logos, tiles, ETC just on the mobile app? basically just changing some of the images in the current UI.

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  • Henry

(Edward Pope) #2

Depending on what you are actually wanting to do the answer would be yes. There are options to change icons for the devices and using the ide you can change the icons for your SmartApps.

(Chrisb) #3

Yes and no. (Very helpful, right??)

Yes: You can change icon for “things” very easily in the app. However, you are limited to what icons SmartThings provides. Open up your device by hitting the ‘gear’ at top right, then select preferences.

Yes: You can change the background colors without too much effort, however this is more of a “hack” than a built in ability. It involves copying an existing device type into a custom device type, then editing two lines to change colors. It’s a relatively easy process, but does take a bit of manual labor. And it has to be done for each new color combination you want.

No: You can not really change the layout of SmartThings (ie: 3 x whatever). You can group multiple things into a folder to organize it a little better.

Definitely check out this thread:

It’s a bit involved, but doesn’t look to be TOO hard. I haven’t done anything with it myself but don’t really look like much coding.

(Sean) #4

I think if someone wrote an pc/mac program to allow graphic artists (non programing types) to create themes(skins) so that we can have textured buttons, that would be swell :slight_smile: sorta like what you can do with Winamp.