Import custom icons for device handlers tiles

Hey guys,
I know we can import “external” icons for the smartapps main icons. But I’m wondering if you can import custom icons (via URL) to use in device handlers tiles. So basically instead of specifying an smartthings icon, you specify an external URL with the location of the icon.

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I’ll answer my own question, lol
From the smartthings reference:
“We can use an icon provided by SmartThings as above, or an accessible URL to an icon”

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Hi Robin, could you explain this further? I’m no guru on smarthings… Where would you place this command? In the Smartthings “Device Handler” or “Smart App”?


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Just tried this… the image turns back to one of the default icons after setting back to the actual device type in the IDE.

can you tell me with example what I must change on code to change the icon?

Could you possible show me a picture of were to do this with a picture to were to insert that phrase. Thanks