Curtains uk control


Ok so I am looking into my curtain automation option. I am looking at the track and motor setups and would like to know what I require to satisfy the below requirements.

  1. Alexa voice connectivity
  2. Open/Close option
  3. Stop motion at point
  4. Select % close point

I have been looking at the somfy motors which may allow for direct connectivity, but not sure if it would work in the UK or satisfy the above requirements.

I also looked at fibaro shutters or dimmers but not sure what motor and DH requirements are necessary. I have been reading the motor may require 4 wires.

I am happy to look at any option but would like to know what is required for the complete setup including any necessary DH’s. Really appreciate anyone’s help .thanks


Any suggestions?


Any comments/suggestions


I’m also interested in this, but am as in the dark as you are!

I am toying with the idea of picking up a Dooya curtain motor (seem to be the best low cost option on the market - very quiet and reliable) and using a Z wave controller for open/close.

The main issue is cost of importing large curtain rails from the far east.


Have a look at the hogar controller with the Revo lite motor. Connects via rj45

Just not sure on the handler yet and again all from India.


A quick Google suggests that India operates a different Z wave frequency to the UK/EU unfortunately… Though the modular design of the Z wave ‘dongle’ in that video may mean an EU frequency model is available.


They said they are planning on selling to the UK with connectivity to smartthings. Here is a quote from an email chain I had with them

"Yes, we are currently working on finalizing the distributor for the UK region. Meanwhile, we can get your order processed if you are interested in ordering directly with us?

Please let us know and we will forward the request to the proper department.

Thank you

Team Hogar"

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I had a good experience buying from AliExpress. For example a 150cm Dooya curtain rack costs about 100 US, plus 20 for shipping, They take 7 days to arrive in Europe, they’re a 4 wire motor, added a three-way momentary switch to each one, a Fibaro Shutter 2 and a device handler by @julbmann, the whole process couldn’t of been any easier. And obviously they work with Google home or Alexa.


Excellent news on the Hogar front, what is the pricing like?

Alwas - that is good to know. Have you got a link to the aliexpress ad you purchased from?


Does it allow for a manual relay overide?

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By “manual relay override” you mean a physical switch? Yes i installed a three-way physical switch next to the curtains, but it’s mostly done via automation. the motor can be fitted either left or right, with a white cap to place on the motor connection side not used. it’s very silent, and in no way would the quality make one assume they were from the Far East. The cord from the motor is about 100 cm long, and you have to buy your own switch, that’s it. The chap from the shop is very helpful, writes in English, he’s called Scott Liu from “Friend Industry Holding”, here’s the link.


Hi Alwas,

When I refer to manual relay I mean if I manually pull the curtain will it feedback to the motor to either open or authorized the curtain. See attached video using the hogar controller.

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I see, mine are kind of hard to reach, but I just physically changed their position by hand and it didn’t report back to the Fibaro.
Luckily the dth has a “Calibrate” tile on it. I would never open them by hand personally, there’s a switch, and I have a webCoRE piston that opens them randomly between 80-100% to mimic someone doing it by hand.