Motorized mini blinds

Hello! I have a Dooya motorized track at the front of my house, and a Dooya roller shade in my bathroom. They run with qubino and fibaro Zwave devices.

Now, I want to do put all the windows on the south side of my house on my Zwave network. We need privacy at night,we need to block the sun in the summer, and to block out the cold in the winter. We are thinking miniblinds are going to be the best solution, but are open to suggestions.

When I search for motorized miniblinds, the results give complete solutions with remote controls. However, I just need the blinds, as I’m going to put them on my SmartThings.

I really like the Dooya products I used before. Would someone please suggest a motorized blind manufacturer?


Take a look here or here or here or here or here or the one you already know.


I went with the Leviosa Blinds and have been pretty happy with them. The only issue I have with them is you can only open or close them completely you can’t use the middle set points though smartthings. That is not a big deal as I can use the Leviosa app or the included remotes for that. My main concern was making sure the blinds open and close every day on their own, and Alexa control and both of those works well.

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Thanks @NomadTech and @Terminal!

I have a follow-up question. I’m looking at the Misdar because they are the only ones that are Venetian and not roller shades. Do you know where I can buy them in the United States?