Currys Dropped Prices Again

Currys have dropped their prices again:

Hub is £79.99
Presence is £23.99
Motion Sensor is £23.99
Moisture Sensor is £23.99
Multi Sensor is £23.99
Power Outlet is £35.99


I need a couple more motion sensors but must resist.

Even though ST is driving me mad with its reliability I may have to pay a visit and then I can spend even more time trying to work out why things aren’t working. Wife is going to love me :wink:

Good spot. Thank you.

ARGH, annoyingly I could do with a multi sensor and a couple of PIR’s but already spent this months ‘ST’ allowance on a couple of wemo bulbs!

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Its not long until next month…:wink:

I hope this lasts until the 13th of May! (Payday!)

I have a one Item smart things a month limit… blew mine in Dec on 4 osram bulbs and a Nest.

Still at that price worth a visit!

If only! my budget month runs 21-21st as that’s when I get paid… Mine was supposed to be 1 item a month, but this month I managed to win an ebay auction for a wemo starter kit. I am only interested in the 2 bulbs but saved a few quid compared to buying them individual, and if I can flog on the Wemo link…

Need to soon buy 9 bulbs for the garden in wall bulk head lights because I think trying to add a relay into the wiring is just going to be to problematic! My poor bank account!.

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FYI: Looks like this offer is on until next Wednesday

I couldnt resist, I picked up another motion sensor. Now if only i could get them at the UK price and not the UK come to Ireland inflated prices :frowning: