CT101 Thermostat pairs but IFTTT Automations no longer run

My IFTTT automations seemed to stop working for CT101. Can someone tell me what’s maybe wrong with the following automation example??

IF its 830AM every day, THEN set HEAT temp to 68, nothing for cooling, MODE set to AUTO, and FAN set to AUTO

Also, should the CT101 clock be driven by and match the SmartThing App?

I’ve reached out to both Radio and SmartThings - both so far have only had me remove and repair and reset my Z-wave without luck.

How are you linking it to IFTTT? You can use the Automation tool or one of many Thermostat SmartApps available to manage your CT-101 (which is a Z-Wave device).

I wasn’t linking to “IFTTT” app. I was using the IFTT within SmartThings applications.
It went like this
IF it’s 430PM, THEN control the thermostat, set target to 68, set FAN to Auto, set to HEART

It was intermittent, tech support has been so bad and slow (it used to work!), I gave up and replaced the CT101 with a new Honeywell thermostat. It interfaced with SmartThings smooth and easy. Now I gave a Honeywell app and or can control the thermostat via SmartThings.

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The CT-101 has a two modes of operation, the simple mode and the regular mode. Is it’s set to simple mode (i.e. using the built in scheduler) then it disables many z-wave operations.

Regarding the CT-101 clock, it will synchronize only if the device handler synchronize the time.
If you’re using the Honeywell Z-Wave thermostat take a look at this Enhanced Z-Wave thermostat device handler which will enable the hidden Auto mode in the thermostat (like the CT-101). The same DTH will also sync your CT-101 time and allow you lock/unlock the controls on both honeywell and ct-101 through SmartThings: