CT101 Question

Not sure this is a specific SmartThings question or not, but figured it is as good as any place to ask. I have three CT101s and set them to True Auto mode for the first time since having them as we are now having temp swings to where I may want heat at night and cool during the day.

Anyway, this morning one of them kicked over to heat according to the device activity log in the SmartThings app. But, rather than just kicking to “heat” it switched to “emergency heat”. I do not have a heat pump, only gas heat, so I really shouldn’t even have an emergency heat mode in the first place.

Anybody have experience with True Auto mode and if it kicking to emergency heat mode is normal? Thanks.

Edit: I should mention that I am using the [Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat DTH by Rboy.

There are setting you can make on the CT101 to specify what type heating and cooling you have. I don’t remember the specifics but I would look up the manual and check to make sure you have the right type of system set.

It’s set correctly, it’s two toggle switches on the thermostat.

I’ve switched to the built in device handler for the CT100 and will see what happens when the heat kicks on overnight.

Look at page 10 of the install manual. Located here. That is what I was remembering.

Thanks for the link. I’ll verify when I get home, but I’m almost 100% I set it up correctly the first go round, but who knows…