Zwave thermostat not responding to comands

My CT100 Hasn’t been updating from zwave commands. looking at it’s recent history “logs” I see events where smartthings is sending setpoints and operating state changes, and I see events where the thermostat is reporting it’s operating status and current temps and even manual setpoint changes, but these are not connected. My routines run and send setpoints, but the thermostat doesn’t report changing as a result. It doesn’t change as a result, not from rules, or routines or the app. It’s as if it simply no longer takes commands from smartthings. I’m not sure whether this is a problem with smartthings or the device, because the existance of the logs from the thermostat means that it’s still connected to zwave, both sides are sending info just fine, smartthings is logging the data the thermostat sends, but the thermostat doesn’t react to commands smartthings sends.

Anybody else have this thermostat and or this issue?

I’m having the same issue with my trane zwave thermostat. I thought it may have been the update that was recently installed but it may not. Were you able to figure out any solutions?

I was having a similar issue. I could see everything accurately from my CT100s (I have 2) but I can’t remotely control them. This seems to have started in the past few months. I finally solved the problem by going into exclusion mode and doing a factory reset followed by an add device. I did this separately for each thermostat and all seems OK now.

I’ve not done an exclusion / reset yet, but when my CT101 periodically stops working, I can manually cycle the modes on the thermostat itself, and then it seems to sync back up with ST.

I wish it were reliable though, as I love using the GreenThermostat or CoRE pistons to turn the thermostat on/off based on windows and doors being left open. Sad that it usually works for the off command, but fails turning it back on again!

This just happened to one of my ct100 stats . (I have 4 of them). I fixed it by removing the top cover and holding the reset button down for a few secs (to the left of the wiring) . The lcd display went into diagnostic mode for a few secs, and then came back to normal. Then I was able to control the set points from smartthings. Still waiting for the clock to sync though… :wink: