Ct100 plus auto mode

I recently installed a new ct100 plus thermostat. It functions really well except for when I set it to use auto mode.
After it cooled the house down it doesn’t seem to ever have the heat kick in to bring the temperature back up.
Has anyone had this issue with any of the radio thermostat models?

I use Radio Thermostat CT80, and AUTO has a forgotten limitation that made me always set heating or cooling mode manually from 13K miles away. So it hasn’t been an issue.

I think it is working now. I’m not even certain it was actually failing after doing some additional testing.
I did remove the device from ST and re pair it. So maybe that actually did something.

CT101 here. I have had various issues with Auto mode as well. It doesn’t really seem to know how to handle our Winters. It could be 80 degrees one day and 32 the following night. It could snow one day and be 70 the next day. My Radio seems to not be able to handle such situations.

This used to a be an issue with the older non plus thermostats and has significantly improved in the newer plus thermostats. It does take some time to switch over between heat and cool to prevent hunting.