CT100 Setpoint Not Getting Set

I’ve had the CT100 thermostat working since I got it. I believe it was sometime months ago that it started not working so well when the temperature setpoint is being set via Routines. I have a “Good Night!” routine for example that is supposed to set the temperature to 74 when heating, but the CT100 isn’t getting set to that.

Take a look at this thread. Sounds just like your issue.

I observed similar behavior on my ZTS-500. I had a routine setting both the Heat and Cool set points to 74F. However, I could see in the logs that the routine was setting my Heat setpoint to 70F. It turned out my thermostat enforces a dead band of 4 degrees by default. So the heat setpoint would not set above 70 as long as the cool set point was set to 74. (4 degrees dead band.) I don’t think the CT100 hardware enforces a dead band, but you might check to see if the Device Handler has such a setting and is enforcing it instead of the hardware.

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The hardware for the CT100 doesn’t enforce a dead band, but all the current DTH’s do enforce a 3 degree one. Also, specifically on the CT100, there’s a lag sometimes when trying to set the set points. I have one, and I use webcore to change it all with a 30 second delay between each change. Having that delay is about the only thing that guarantees that all the changes happen every time.

I have a CT-100 as well and agree that it can take a while to change setpoints. More precisely, it takes a while to change them and then be able to query/confirm the change. In addition to the 30 second delay you’re using in webCoRE (I use a 25 second delay), I also do a refresh of the thermostat. Lastly, I also check (up to five times) that what webCoRE sent to the Thermostat, is also what the Thermostat now reads. If more than one try is required, I am notified.

However, regarding the OP’s issue…
I believe that even if his issue were just slowness of the CT-100, it would get the new setpoint eventually. But it doesn’t sound like that’s happening. So, I’m left with the feeling that it’s a communication issue as discussed in the link I provided earlier in this thread (above).