Cree to offer Zigbee LED smart bulb

According to Gizmodo, Cree is releasing a Zigbee LED smart bulb, which looks positioned to compete with the GE Link bulbs, at ~ $15. They should be in Home Depot next month.

Not clear whether they’ll work with ST; I think that some said the WeMo bulbs don’t, even though they are supposedly Zigbee too.


I would be very interested if this Cree Connected bulb could integrate with ST. Is it just a matter of someone creating a Device Type for it to work?

Should be easy to get working. Might work out of the box with the GE Link bulb device type if it’s using the Home Automation profile. If they went with the Light Link profile like Hue, then it would just need a few changes.

Either way, it shouldn’t take long to get working with this community!

Also looking closely at this - I ditched my GE bulbs purely because they looked awful compared to my dumb Cree LEDs …

These look to be available now. Has anyone tried one? I might stop at HD tonight and see if I can get one. For $15 its worth a try.

Here’s a review. Very promising (don’t worry about the comments that they’re Wink only. Should be easy to get these paired up to ST)…

I was also going to ask this. Why wouldn’t they work with ST?

@RichardH, because the released info on the bulb says Wink Hub only. But, I am gonna give it a try anyways.

Check out the manual I posted. It says any certified Zigbee will work.

At least Slashgear says it won’t pair with ST just yet:

Try pairing it with a Philips Hue Bridge (that’s currently how I’m using all my GE Link bulbs). Perhaps not the most directly solution, but those bridges are practically free on eBay if you don’t already use Hue.

If the Cree Bulbs are using the ZigBee “Light Link profile, they should be compatible with SmartThings, AFAIK, unless they are on some non-supported channel / frequency.


I see these are now showing up on the HD site, but they are out of stock. Time to go to start stalking my local store.

We don’t have one yet. We’ll support it shortly after it becomes available.


Great to hear Tyler!

Any idea what profile the Cree are using? Light Link or Home Automation? Or why they wouldn’t at least pair with the ST hub (per the Slashgear article) as an unknown zigbee?

Not sure yet but I’ll ask around.

Got a few, please provide an update on if and when this will be supported!!!

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@mattalter, were you not able to see them in the app?

Picked up 4 on the way home tonight. Have one connected.

The hub picks it up if you screw in the bulb with the switch/light OFF and then turn it on. It calls it an ‘unknown’ device.

I tried using the GE Link Bulb type, no luck. None of the in-app functions do anything.

The box does say ‘Works with Wink and Zigbee certified hubs’ so its not ‘Wink-only’.

I did see the unknown. But it does nothing.