Cree Connected 60W

On clarance at Homedepot for $5.88 each


I’m not surprised. They can no longer be considered ‘works with SmartThings’ since the last Cree FW upgrade.

And before anyone asks, just do a search for ‘Cree random flashing’ in this forum.

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I never had good luck with the Cree Zigbee bulbs regardless of which hub they were attached to beit Wink, Almond or ST.

Maybe, I am just cheap, but six bucks for one bulb seems pricey these days.

Really? Is there a cheaper ZLL bulb out there? If so, please let me know which one!

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I have to agree with @HAL2000, these are too expensive. They will need to pay me to buy any ZLL bulbs. :slight_smile:

Last bulbs that I bought were Sylvania for $4.75 each.

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You can still get the sylvania at newegg 6 kits for 20.

link please?

Just so that you know there are 6 hubs also in this. Not sure what to do with those hubs.

Toss them in the box of misfit toys with the rest? I have at least 3 or 4 of them. I did have 1 setup for FW updates before ST could update FW, the rest are still sealed. From back when $20 for 1 starter kit was " a deal ".

Thanks! That works out to $3.33 a bulb (almost half of those HD prices).