The cheapest GU10 ZigBee Light-Link bulbs around !?!

Hello all

in terms of smart lighting i currently have:

1x - 2metre Phillips hue strip
3x - E27 Philips Lux
1x - GU10 Philips Hue
1x - Dresden FLS-PP Module (Linked to an aquarium led strip)

(all the above is used for Mood lighting and all works perfect, for anyone who need Smart LED strips, forget about HUE and get yourself the above mentioned “Dresden FLS-PP Module” and a bog standard 20M strip and have fun with it, its a genius bit of kit !!!

However my real issue with lighting is with the main functional lighting . . . i live in a rented apartment with 32 GU10 bulbs (all 50w halogen) so as you can imagine, its not very energy efficient nore smart, and i want to change this . . . however as much as id love to put in dumb & dimmable LED bulbs for all 32 fittings and then use an in-switch smart solution, my landlord may murder me and claim my deposit for keeps if he realizes ive been pissing about with the in-wall electrics . . .

so i reckon that i need to hit the problem at the bulb location, this now leaves me with a problem, as i cant afford 32 Philips hue GU10’s at $60 a pop (nearly $2000 in total)

so i need to find another GU10 solution . . . preferably ZigBee light-Link like the Hue’s & Dresden FLS-PP to keep everything on the same page . . . but not essential.

What has everyone found to be the cheapest solutions for Smart / Integratable / GU10 / LED Bulbs

cheers, kyle


I use the Cree bulbs attached to my Hue hub. they show up like a Lux bulb, it doesnt have RGB, but I use them all over my house (12 total). Not sure if they make a GU10 version however.

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I think Cree just makes the one connected lamp. I too have a number of GU10 lamps in tracks I’d like to replace with smart lamps. So far I have only seen the Philips Hues, and while I like my Hues, I am not sure I can swing the $60/pop for all that I would need.

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Get some of these too.


If you live in Europe (220v) then these fit exactly what you are looking for: Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they are available in US versions.

I would just talk to your Landlord and see if he is ok with you installing a few wall witches.The worst thing that can happen is he says no. If he says yes then you will have a solution but much cheaper than all those bulbs. I would also suggest as a backup that you offer to pay an electrician to do the install if he is worried about you doing it. You might be able to find an electrician who will do the work for cheap. Your complex might even have a maintenance man who can do it or supervise you doing it.

I have found that it always benefits you to be friends with the Landlord/manager. Find some common interests and go from there.

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I get on well with noth landlord/agent but its high ends apartments and they are very very fussy about stuff been tampered with even if its for the better (annoying) one of my best mates is an electrician aswell… Im half tempted to go down the switch route to be fair now and amend back once i leave…

Is there any UK STYLE dimmer smart switches even available though ??? Theybseem to be american, the only way round is with stuff like fibaros dimmer modukes but the walls and holes aint big enough to hold them aswell as the unsmart uk dimmer switches - do you know of any all in one modules?

Ps: @Savij everything i read about them bulbs says they are cheap but they dont turn off properly using smartthings or hue setups inly the app they came with due to dodgy transition errors (do you know otherwise)

Hi @AutomateEverything what was your solution? I’m having the same problem living in the Netherlands.

Osram Lightify now offers a GU10 in Europe, typically around €30.

LifX made some GU10s, but they seem to be hard to find, I don’t know if they’ve been discontinued.

So right now, it looks like your choices are Hue RGBW, LIGHTIFY White only, or an adapter, maybe with a Hue white only bulb.

Guys, out of curiosity would the lightify white work with smartthings UK version. I noticed that osrams are supported in the US version but I cant find them in the list of “things” in the UK version.

If yes - would I need an osram hub or can I connect to smartthings directly?

Osram Lightify Downlight


You definitely don’t need the gateway – – it doesn’t integrate with smartthings. The bulbs get connected directly to the smartthings hub instead.

(Well, we should say that some people also get the gateway just so they can do firmware up date to the bulbs, but that process requires removing the bulbs from the SmartThings network, connecting them to the gateway network, doing the firmware upgrade, and then moving them back to the SmartThings network. But you don’t need to Gateway in every day use. )

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For questions about which Lightify models work, ask the people in the following topic:

@drchris I’m in UK, and just bought 3 Lightify tunable white GU10 bulbs, with no Lightify gateway. Paired to ST hub fine.

@AutomateEverything did you get sorted? My house has probably another 30-40 GU10 and I don’t want to spend all on that, in fact I’d prefer a smart wall switch, so if wife turns it off ST can still control it, whereby at the moment if she turns off this wall switch where the bank of Lightify bulbs are, ST can’t do anything.

and thanks again to @JDRoberts whose helped me.

So is there a wall switch for UK that can replace our normal UK wiring, looped in live, that is ST compatible yet?



Im opting to dononly mood lighting with HUE now and all the main light switches im moving to LWRF now that @adamclark_dev has created a fast and realiable integration for ST & LWRF lighting - as there is no uk solution for smart switches yet that doesnt require a neutral that most of us dont have…

Apparently there is though…
Just trying to confirm and check wiring details etc…

Thats a behind switch module useless for shallow back boxes or people renting property…

Suppose, I’m hoping it may be answer for me though as cheaper and easier, keeps existing wall switch (wife happy!), even if switched off can still be controlled by ST. Cheaper than filling all my fitting with smart bulbs.

I’m hoping that although my back box is shallow, if needed I can hang it down the plaster wall recess…

You will need to purchase a rocker seitch for each light switch you hook up to these as they dont work great with normal on/off :slight_smile:

Reading the thread there’s a parameter you change to enable it to work with normal on/off I thought, so won’t have to change the wall switch

Ive fitted several for several people, i can assure you the best way to eliminate issues is a rocker style switch - no/off normal switches tend to piss about with it and u find urself having to turn it on and off really quick to turn it down or same to do on . . .