Cree Bulbs Not Going to Full Brightness

For some reason tonight, my Cree bulbs won’t go to full brightness. SmartThings says they’re at 99% but they look more like 50%. Re-booting my hub fixes the issue for a few minutes but, then they go back to this behavior. My GE Link bulbs (using the community device type) are working fine.

I have the same problems with my GE Connected lights. They are attached to my hue bridge. I can get them to full brightness by choosing the scene their attached to again. Its weird because sometimes they just go to full brightness of the first try.

The only way I can get them to full brightness right now is to flip them off and on at the wall switch.

Do the logs show that setLevel(99) is being sent? What DeviceType are you using?

Hi Allison, I suggested a bug fix for the Cree device type that would prevent it from dimming below 7 (needed the leading 0 for values that low when sent to the bulb); and it looks like the scale conversion got removed in the setLevel() command. The highest value it will send is 99/256. I notified ST and hopefully they can fix it quickly. Sorry about that.

Here’s my Cree code that is similar to the GE Link community device in case you need something in the meantime. The Cree doesn’t support the transition for on/off commands, but you can select the transition speed for setLevel() commands.

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I’m seeing the same issue. Thanks for confirming the problem. I thought my vision was going bad last night :slight_smile: Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

I thought I was going nuts! I would look in the app, it would say 100%. I thought I was just going crazy and it really was at 100%. I’m glad you posted this. Let’s hope a fix is coming soon!

Logged a ticket with support

On Saturday, support told me they would get this fixed quickly. They are still not functioning properly on Monday morning. It appears that my definition of quickly doesn’t match their definition.

Is it just me or have the Cree bulbs gotten a lot darker after the recent Android update? Am I losing my mind? Their level 100 brightness is about a 30 brightness compared to the GE Links I have and what I feel like they were at before.

Complain to support. The fix was supposed to happen quickly.

Has this ever been fixed? I don’t see it. When I turn on a lamp with a Cree light bulb, it comes on dimmed. If I set it to full bright in the app, then turn it off and back on again, it still comes on dimmed. Lamps with GE Link bulbs, on the other hand, always come on full bright as intended.

This was fixed awhile ago.

Contact support if you’re having trouble. The issue mentioned in this thread was fixed months ago.