HousePanel Floor Plan Example

Hi folks. I spent some time today playing with the flexibility of HousePanel and ended up making a very cool skin to show lights on a floor plan of my house. I had to make a few minor tweaks to the code to support this which I will post in a few moments. This post is to show off the floor plan demo to get people interested in trying out HousePanel. To read more, go to or browse the main HousePanel thread in thi forum.

Hope you all enjoy. Here is a screen shot of the Floor Plan showing lights and switches in a geometry accurate rendering of my house.

I left out some of the minor switches but most lights are there. To create this I made a new skin wiht the layout set as the background color. I then make a login for just this skin and removed all pages but the one floor plan page. Then I just added the switches and moved them around in the edit mode.