Floorplan Mode

I would really like to see a “floorplan” mode for the Smartthings app. The idea would be to upload an image of the room’s layout (or just draw a room within the app), then drag and drop icons of lights, outlets, fans, etc onto the floor plan. Tapping an icon could turn that device off/on, tap and hold could allow for selecting any available options.
At least in my house, this would be HUGE for the wife approval factor, especially when using Smartthings on a tablet.


The SmartThings app is a lousy remote control, and frankly I really don’t see it ever reaching the state you require.

However, what you want to do is totally doable with something like iRule, and iRule can communicate with SmartThings via endpoints.


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This becomes a greater need when you reach a certain threshold of devices. Your suggestion is for control yet it also would help manage devices. I would also like to see a mode showing mesh routing and status on the floorplan. As I suggested, they could start with Google maps:

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I have a web app under development that will have a simple floor plan mode. I will be open sourcing the software design as well as providing a hosted option for initial alpha testing.

Some features that will be available in the first release:

  • Graphs
  • Floorplan Mode
  • Dashboards
  • Scene Presets
  • Organization of Devices by Zone

I am going to be looking for 5-10 alpha testers who don’t mind that I won’t have ssl in the initial release, but the full source code will be on github for inspection. The app will not require any smartapp installs. Simply sign authorize through Smart Things and start setting it up.



not sure if there is effort underway for a FloorPlan based layout… Love to help …


It’s definitely possible. I worked on one for a couple of weeks and was able to get a basic floor plan of my house functioning as an interface. I started running into problems when I moved from my house to allowing the upload of user floorplans. It was more than I wanted to take on by myself. Anecdotal note; I found that I used the floor plan view I created so infrequently that I removed it.