Creating Schlage lock user code that only opens door when I am not home

Is there a way to only allow the Schlage door lock to open when I am not home? Would prefer this to setting up a schedule.

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If you’re using the Lock User Management (LUM) app you can select the user type Activate on user presence and then your presence sensor under when none of these people are present. Then the code will be activated when you’re not at home and deactivate when you arrive home

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Can my Samsung phone be my presence sensor?

I’m having trouble grasping the point of such a restriction.

That said, in Webcore you can use any criteria you wish to generate events. So you could have it such that when you leave, it triggers ST to set a “st-michele away” mode - and when that occurs, the lock manager enables particular user codes.

Yes if you have a SmartThing mobile app installed and logged into it you can set it up as the presence sensor. Check out this article: