Motion Lights After Dark but Stop at Certain time

(Eric) #1

I see a lot of apps that do most of what I need, but wondering if others have found one that does what I am being asked for the WAF.

Right now I use the motion management for a light device or the smart nightlight smart app that gets me If Motion, after sunset, then turn on, and turn off 10 minutes later.

That is great, but I would need: if Motion, after sunset, and before 11 PM, then turn on, and turn off 10 minutes later.

Basically the motion sensor is by the bedroom door so the room light goes on in the room if its after sunset, which she likes, but would like it to stop doing so by 11 PM…

I bet maybe even a stock app could be quickly modified to a new one but not sure how to start on that?

Hope someone has an idea! Thanks.

(Brian Smith) #2

It almost sounds like this is also a mode issue. Is this the only thing you don’t want to happen after 11pm? If there are more, why not tie this all to modes - so the motion activity above only happens in the “day” and “evening” modes but not the “night” mode.

(Bruce) #3

This feature is available in Lights & Switches, in the app called “Turn on when there Is motion” (and in many other apps), one of the choices hidden under “More Options” at the bottom of the page, is “Only during a certain time” (among other choices). That is where you limit the motion activity not to turn on the lights at all late at night. If you use a Minimote remote, you could limit motion by mode instead of, or in addition to, time, by programming one of the buttons to tell your system to “go to bed” (change the mode), which then disables the motion if it’s restricted from running in that mode.

(Eric) #4

DUH! I was overthinking it. I know better.

Back to crawling under my rock. :smile: