Switch Timer - does it exist any smart app for this

I have the following scenario trying to solve: I have a ZWAVE on/Off wall switch for a shower fan
Iam triggering the switch via a couple of PIRs or the wall zwave switch

I want the fan to turn OFF after NN minutes, regardless of what triggered it on.

Is there an app which can deal with this scenario?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

The stock Smart Lighting app should be able to do this for you.


If you want it to work exactly the same way every time, there is a feature in the official smart lighting smart app called “power allowance” which will cause the switch to turn off after X minutes every time it turns on.

If instead, you want to sometimes have a timer feature but other times have the switch come on and stay on, there is a how to article in the community – created wiki on how to create a virtual timer which explains how to do that. It will also walk you through the process for using the power allowance feature, so you can use that as an example even if you want the switch to turn off every time.



Wow… you guys rock!

I was not expecting such quick replies!


i no longer see power allowance option. i assume this is no longer available?

I also do not see that. I am trying to set up a timer for a device that is plugged into my GE Outlink that I was using with a Wink.

I want something to automatically turn off after 20 minutes after they have been on.

I cannot figure this out in the classic or the latest Smartthings app… After reading all the instructions, this seems simple but it is no longer possible.


It is simple, and it is power allowance, and it is under the smart lighting official feature. :sunglasses:

The following are the instructions for the new V3 app.

  1. tap on the three horizontal bar icon on the upper left of the main screen.

  2. choose “smart apps“

  3. choose smart lighting

  1. choose a new smart lighting automation

  2. select the device you want to control and say that you want to turn it off

  3. select the trigger and then choose “power allowance“

  1. Select the number of minutes

  2. change the automation name if desired and save the automation.

You now have a rule so that that particular switch will always turn off after the number of minutes you specified.

There are actually four or five other ways to do this as well with smartthings, but this method is the most straightforward and also has the advantage of running locally. :sunglasses:

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Thank you very much, that worked perfect.

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