Question on ST Home Plug

I have a couple of home plugs at home connected to home appliances
I would like to manually switch on an appliance using ST app and then have it auto-power off in 60mins

Apart from using CoRr which I am Having problems adding a piston, which Smartapp can i use to program the auto-off?
I tried using most of the smartapps but can’t find one with a auto power off

Any tips? TIA

Smart lighting can handle this, use ‘Power Allowance’ for the off trigger.

Sorry am
Noob here
Where can I find Power Allowance ?

Update: Inused CoRe and it works
Thanks anyway

CoRE is the old Version. You need to use webCoRE, you can create pistons to use anything you want.

Smart Lights is a smartapp installed from the market place, it should handle these simple automations