Crawl space temperature sensor

I am looking for a simple/cheap device to integrate into my smartthings system that will monitor the temperature of my crawl space so that I will know if it is cold enough to freeze my pipes. If it tells humidity that will be a bonus. I wanted to get the everspring but can’t find them in the US. Any suggestions. Thanks.

I use these for crawlspace, attic and mailbox;

Also use them everywhere else. They are just as good as the Iris Contacts.

Lots of devices have a temperature sensor built in. Motion sensors, contact sensors, multi sensors, etc.

I think I’m going to go with the visonic

I use an ST water leak sensor in my under house crawlspace. Surprising that it never gets below 50F down there even with outside temps in the 20’s.

I have been happy with my xiaomi humidity/temp sensor. Cheapest that I could find

Ordered the original xiaomi it was cheap and had the features that I wanted. I mainly want to receive a notification if the temperature in my crawlspace gets below freezing. Thanks for the help.

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Hopefully you’ve installed custom code before and have some patience.

I found the humidity sensor to be the easiest of the Xiaomi sensors to pair, here’s the link to the device handler

I have the patience, but not much experience. I did do a lot of reading and I feel like I can get it to work with the help of some of the folks here.

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Let us know if you need any help. JD did a great job describing how device handlers are implemented. FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings

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